It's almost Hatch Day!

Posted on 30 July 2017

As is tradition, we will continue to tell this story every year, with an update on the new releases and any other goodies in store. Enjoy!

August 1st, 2012. The day Hatch For Kids went live to the masses. And by masses I mean roughly 20-30 people, mostly friends and relatives. We had 6 designs, printed and ready to ship. The original 6. The classics. ODB, Straight Outta Portland, I Am Banksy, Invader, LEGO Black Flag, and Lite-Brite Crimson Ghost. We started with a (borrowed) $2,000 investment and a prayer. 3 3'x2' bins, stacked in our bedroom closet, full of shirts we were, and still are, very proud of. 6 designs that celebrate artists at their finest, with a kid twist. Our first sale came within the first hour of our 5pm launch. We still remember the customers name, the items that were purchased, and the city they were shipped to.

Here we are, 5 years later, over 100 separate products including different color variants and styles, more than 500 SKU's, and adding to the HFK roster every year. New products. New styles. New collections including The Namesake Series, The Iconic Artist Series, The Stay Gold Collection, Ode To Books, and our 2 newest batches - The Tecmo Series and Rules Collection. The 3 original bins have since moved from our closet into the HFK Headquarters Studio. None of this could have been done without you, our amazing customers. We truly appreciate the love and support we get every day, and hope we can continue to provide the best products and customer service you'd expect. So, thank you. Thank you for helping us build Hatch For Kids. 

To show our thanks, and in honor of The Original 6, we are releasing 6 new styles this year on Hatch Day! The first 3 are part of our Tecmo Series including DAL., S.F., and G.B. Tees. Next, since we're cruising into the colder months soon, the East and West Coast Sweatshirts will finally be available! Finally, Mickey wanted to get in on the celebration so we will be releasing a Mickey Punk Tank in a custom royal blue! Limited to 100 prints, and as always only available as a free gift with any purchase of $100 or more! Here's the best part: Starting on 7/31 at 9PM PST everything, and that means EVERYTHING, will be marked down 15-50% off sitewide! No code necessary. Sale runs through 8/3 so get what you can, while you can! Please keep in mind that to qualify for a free limited edition 'Mickey Punk' item, it needs to be added to your cart and your order must be at least $100 after all applicable discounts.

There it is gang! Who's ready to party?! We're turning 5 so come celebrate with us! Thank you for an amazing first 5 years, and to many more! Support the arts. Foster creativity and self-expression. Create something beautiful. We are Hatch For Kids!

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