The Art of the Drop

Posted on 28 February 2015

The Spring/Summer 2015 (SS15) drop has come and gone. It’s when every store, brand, label and the like release a new line or set of styles to the public. Seasonal drops are the ‘industry norm’, and while there are some definite benefits to a set release we’ve always felt it limits the range of any particular style.

We generally release new products 4-5 times a year, sometimes small, sometimes big, and the start of 2015 was no different. Drop 1 consisted of 2 new styles and 3 new color variations of Hatch For Kids Classics. As we mentioned in an earlier post the HFK-SS15 theme was 80’s movies, starting with an ode to the quintessential ditch-day opus: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 2 versions. 2. Versions. Anyone? Anyone?

We get emails daily asking about alternate color variations. Well guess what… You asked and you received! At least a few of you anyway. 3, yes that’s right, 3 classics got a new coat of paint for Drop 1 of 2015! Biggie went Heather Gray, The Outsiders in white, and Straight Outta Portland joined the Raider Nation (silver sparkle on black). Earl Scheib would be proud.

Drop 2 hit hard in February. Lost Boys Anyone? Stand By Me?

The next drop happens August 1st. Hatch Day. Write that down.

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