Hatch For Kids 6th Annual Online Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 20th, 9AM PST!

Posted on 16 April 2019

The Annual Hatch For Kids Online Easter Egg Hunt is coming! We got an idea and decided to try this thing out 5 years ago for the 1st time and it was awesome. Each year has proved to be twice as big as the year before. Now, it's become tradition as one of our favorite sales of the year! Super fun, and open to everybody, from the comfort of your own couch!

If you're unfamiliar with it, basically it goes like this: We hide "Easter eggs" all over the website, which are essentially coupon codes for goodies ranging from 'FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!' to '35% OFF!' discounts to '$20 OFF ANY $50+ PURCHASE!' discounts! (You can see a full list of "eggs" below.) Then you hunt, you find, you use, you save, you're the envy of the town and go on to do great things, all from a Hatch For Kids Easter Egg Hunt. Pretty great, right!? Here we go again...


This Saturday, April 20th at 9AM PST get your baskets ready! Search high and low for "eggs" that look like this: "You've found an Easter Egg! Enter code (####) at checkout to receive (####)! This code will be deactivated after it has been used (####) times."

We will be monitoring our Instagram account and blog comments section on Saturday morning for any questions anyone might have, but here are a few FAQ's that everyone seems to ask:

Am I looking for a picture of an egg??? What exactly am I looking for???

You are NOT looking for a picture of an egg! You ARE looking for a phrase that says "You've found an Easter Egg!" which will then tell you what code to enter, and the prize associated with that code - Example: "Enter code (####) at checkout to receive (####)! This code will be deactivated after it has been used (####) times."

Where are they hidden?

Obviously we can't tell you that, but we can say they are everywhere! Some are much easier to find than others. Search all over the site, high and low - pictures, descriptions, links, check every page on!

I found a 'free item' egg! Do I need to add it to my cart before checkout?

Yes! Make sure your order qualifies by adding the item to your cart, and entering the corresponding code at checkout.

What if I find more than 1 "egg"?

You can redeem as many eggs as you can find, however you can only use one code at a time - For example, if you find a 'Free Shipping' egg and a '20% Off' egg you would need to make 2 separate purchases to use them both.

What happens if my order doesn't qualify?

If the requirements of your order are not met then the order will be void and cancelled - For example, if you find the 'Free Birdie Rollins Hat' egg but only checkout with $20 in your cart the order will not qualify and thus be voided since the requirement is a $25 minimum purchase for that specific egg.

What if I find an "egg" but the code doesn't work?

That means someone found it before you and already cashed it in. Most codes will have more than 1 redemption available.

How long will the hunt last?

The hunt will last through Sunday, however most "eggs" will probably be found and used within the 1st few hours of the hunt. We will do our best to post updates of "eggs" that have already been found and are no longer available.

How many "eggs" are hidden?

There are over 250 redeemable eggs in 20 different spots this year! Certain eggs have up to (100) in a cache, however.

Can we see a list of "eggs"?

Sure! Listed below are some of the hidden "eggs", plus how many of each are available:

  • 20% Off your entire purchase (100)
  • 25% Off your entire purchase (10)
  • 35% Off your entire purchase (5)
  • 50% Off your entire purchase (1)
  • Free Worldwide Shipping (10)
  • Free 'Prince Tee' with any purchase of $25 or more (10)
  • Free 'Kindergarten Tee' (child + adult sizes) with any purchase of another 'Kindergarten Tee' (child + adult sizes) (10)
  • Free 'Birdie Rollins Snapback Hat' with any purchase of $25 or more (10)
  • Free 'H•O•M•I•E•S Tee' (child + adult sizes) with any purchase of another 'H•O•M•I•E•S Tee' (child + adult sizes) (10)
  • Free 'Halen 8.0 Skateboard Deck (Ungripped)' with any purchase of $75 or more (5)
  • Free 'Tecmo Tee' with any purchase of $25 or more (5)
  • Free 'Bender Tee' (child + adult sizes) with any purchase of another 'Bender Tee' (child + adult sizes) (5)
  • Free 'Bird Chaser Wayfarer Sunglasses' with any purchase of $10 or more (25)
  • $10 off any $50+ purchase (15)
  • $15 off any $50+ purchase (10)
  • $20 off any $50+ purchase (5)
  • $25 off any $50+ purchase (1)

Again, any updates will be posted on our Instagram account, and the blog comments section of the 'Hatch For Kids 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt' blog post. Anyone who has cashed in an egg please feel free to comment to keep other hunters aware of what's left. Any questions please be sure to email Happy hunting gang!

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