Posted on 12 July 2016

Every time we say we're going to blog more, we blog less. What's that about? I mean, at least a news update would suffice am i right?! But alas time gets away (as it usually does) and we get lost in seasonal releases, catching up on orders, back-orders, new orders, new styles, old styles, Game of Thrones and everything in-between.

Even this one isn't a proper blog post. But it is a quick update to let you know that Hatch Day is upon us, and we'll be writing up a proper blog next week discussing our 4 years as a company, and detailing our August 1st celebration which will include 5 (yes 5!) new releases - 3 new styles, and 2 more color variants centered around our new "Ode to Books" Series! All that mixed with discounts up to 50% off? Now that sounds like a good time. 

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